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We make filing your taxes and obtaining a refund advance as easy as possible. Simply choose one of the options below. If you choose to file with us from home, you can simply upload your information to our secure portal and an experienced advisor will contact you upon receipt of your documents to provide a free estimate.

*Please note; we legally CANNOT file your documents with the IRS until an advisor has spoken to you AND has provided your officially tax forms for you to sign. We are also legally obligated to ensure that your files are protected and will remain confidential. Rest assured that your personal documents are in good hands. Click here to learn about our e-Tax Guarantee.

Step 1: Submit a client Intake form and your documents through our secure page.

Step 2: Choose one of the options below:

Option 1

Use our app to start filling your taxes. Upon receipt, our tax advisor will contact you to review your documents and provide an estimate.

Option 2

If you prefer to file in person, click the link below to schedule an freein-person consultation.

Documents needed to file:

Required documents:

  • Driver’s License (for you & your spouse if filling jointly)
  • All social security cards and birthdates of all dependents
  • Birth certificate of dependents or medical/school form from last year (such as Medicaid application or school shot records or doctor’s letter).
  • All income statements (W2, 1099NEC)
  • Form 1095A if you had Obamacare insurance through the marketplace (can be found on
  • Utility bill from last year (if you’re filling Head of Household)
  • Daycare letter (if applicable)
  • All additional tax documents (examples):
    • Form 1098T college form (log in to your school’s financial aid section. This form may not be present until end of January).
    • 1099 (Interest & Dividend statements)
    • 1098 (Mortgage interest statement)

*For a detailed list of all documents. Please click here for our checklist.

Downloadable PDF Forms: